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HP’s Winter capital Dharamshala- Temporary?

The recent statement made by former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal that when Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) would come back to power, there would no concept of a winter capital has the put the entire congress government move in jeopardy. Wherein Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh had taken the step to gain politically out of it, the stand of the state BJP has outsmarted him. Though in this political rift the common citizen’s is getting confused. Is the entire winter capital move temporary?

Dhumal on Thursday made the statement that if BJP comes back to power then there would be no winter capital. In fact he added, that if a capital has to be changed then would be completely shifted. He questioned the move of the current government for adding more load on the state exchequer which is currently in high debt. Whereas on the other hand the congress government has already notified Dharamshala as the winter capital are trying their best to reduce the expected revenue load on the state budget due to this move.

However in this political gain or no gain situation a commoner of the state is feeling left out. Moreover now with Dhumal’s statement the ordinary is feeling that the second capital move is not for him. It is just to satisfy the political enmity of these politicians, who can stoop down to any level for their political gains.

“It means that when congress would come to power there would a winter capital and when BJP rules, revert back to old status”, stated Sanjeev. He said that it is very easy for the politicians to sway voters. It has been a very old tradition of our country of effecting votes based on “ism” he added. He urged that citizens of the state should reject the second capital move, as it would not bring any good to the state.

On the other hand some congress supporters stated that party might gain out of this move in Kangra region, but would surely lose out in Shimla area. They said that earlier on Smart city issue too; Chief Minister took sides with housing and urban development minister Sudhir Sharma to promote Dharamshala. “And now they made it the winter capital, only for political gains. “Does Virbhadra Singh feel that Shimla region holds no importance for him?” questioned these supporters.

Many others in Shimla region also asked the state government for the reason of making Dharamshala as the second/winter capital. They said they were not satisfied with the Chief Minister’s justifications and as citizens of the state they should have been consulted on such a big move.” Why couldn’t the state government do a public referendum in this matter?” questioned some college goers.

Some even raised doubts on the logical reasoning of the state government, as they thought that Shimla doesn’t even get snowed out of bounds in winters. It is easily asses sable throughout the year and no problems have ever been reported about the capital functioning from Shimla.” It is just about the upper and lower Himachal politics”, they stated.
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