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Treating patients like ‘Experiment Rats’ @ HP dental hospital

Himachal Pradesh dental college and hospital is a multi-speciality institution with nine speciality departments, however the practical truth sounds very different. The hospital is seemingly is running on clutches like most other government owned institutions, where output means only to satisfy bosses. The patients for whom the institution belongs do not matter and are treated like experiment rats here, complained a few visitors.

Many patients visiting the institution complained of wrong treatments, lack of medicine and other important supplies related with dentistry. They alleged that mostly senior doctors are not available for treatment and patients are left to pity of the trainee dentists. These trainee young dentists many times are not completely capable of handling the case, thus raising the doubt of spoiling it rather than treating.Dental hospital photo

The same happened in case of Shilpa Shaunak, where the trainee doctor was left to conduct a root canal treatment without senior’s supervision, and pierced a wrong tooth. Shilpa who had visited the hospital for an inflammation in gum and tooth, was treated in the wrong tooth, thus adding to her suffering. Whereby in a week’s time she would have recovered if treated properly, now she has to undergo a minor surgery because of the wrong treatment. “Most of the people don’t complain to authorities due to lack of knowledge and fear of getting into unnecessary trouble. Otherwise such dentists should be heavily penalised for making patients like us their experiment rats,” she angrily informed while barely speaking due to extreme pain.

“Twice in a month’s time I have visited the hospital for a simple tooth filling, before the doctor fixes a cap on my damaged tooth,” stated Chanchal. “However every time I have been told that the filling material is not available”. She said that whenever she asks the doctors about the next date for getting the filling done, there is no reply except that they can’t say when the material would arrive.

She said that she comes from an average family and if the same filling had to done through a private dentist then would cost at least two hundred rupees. “I can’t afford that sort of money,” she complained. Further she assumed that there must be a collaboration of the hospital with some private dentists, otherwise how is it possible that a basic filling material is never in stock, wherein most of patients with tooth ailments would need it.

However the Medical superintendent of the hospital Doctor Narbir Singh justified that supplies are getting hampered due to the closing financial month. “There are some issues with the supply dealer,” he stated. Adding that it would back to normal by the beginning of next month. On the wrong treatment issue, he informed that no such case has been brought upon his knowledge and he would surely enquire into the matter.





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