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Lack of a third front taking toll on Himachal Pradesh

Since its day of inception it has been observed that Himachal Pradesh has a two-party system. Besides the ruling Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), there is hardly any political force which has even visioned to govern the state. A rise was witnessed in the late nineties when Himachal Vikas Congress (HVC) played a minimal role in the then Shanta Kumar (BJP) government. Besides, no other instance has been observed in the state, even before and after. Others parties like Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), NCP, Shivsena, etc tried fielding candidates but to no fruit. Left which has been a formidable force at the student level also has not been able to compete the two parties in the state.

Call it bad luck or unfortunate in a democracy for the citizens as they can only vote one of the two, because the third option is not available. Talking of development things just don’t move very fast in the hill state. If the Union and state governments are ruled by the same political party, progress does take a little pace, otherwise things just keep hanging behind political statements of the leaders.

In this century the state seems to have become the war room for two political families, who rule the state turn by turn. Nearing elections or otherwise too they make serious allegations on each other, but to no result once a government is formed. Debts are increasing every passing year, but to no regrets by the governments responsible for it. Currently under a deficit of around 40,000 crores the citizens of the hill state still await their opportunities.

Making the situation hopeless, even the state’s bureacracy is bitten by political affiliations as they know, that a third option is not available, and so be next one of the two for benefits and postings. Whereby earlier political parties were seen fighting for power now its common scene

bureaucrats  fighting for postings and positions. The ones who are the policy makers and strategists, if work in a biased mindset, real progress and welfare of the masses will become a dream of distant future.

And all this attributes from the two-party system which the state is to live with as any third front is hardly active. Adding to the plight the situation would still continue even this time as Vidhan Sabha polls are just about few months away, and no third options is being eyed yet.

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