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RUSA issue- Students playing in hands of political outfits

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has made it clear on number of occasions that RUSA is a modern system of education practised in many countries across the world and his government wants to take it forward in the state. Even after number of protests the chief minister has been adamant on his decision. Though the continuation of protests by different student wings clearly signifies that even after almost three years, the system has failed to develop its roots among students of Himachal Pradesh, who are the primary stakeholders. Where the students are fighting it out the parents of these student are ruing that the issue is disturbing their child’s future and kids are playing puppets in hands of political parties.

Teachers, who are a critical link for implementation of the system smoothly, are also opposed to it in a low key. Many teachers who didn’t want to get named but stated in common voice that the implementation of the system is half baked. There is shortfall of staff in almost all colleges of the state in both teaching and non teaching. “Therefore in this scenario how is it possible to implement RUSA in a fool proof manner,” stated a teacher from Kangra. “Obviously students are feeling restless and are protesting and is possible that they become puppets of political war-rooms,” he reasoned.

However the parents appealed that if the university authorities and the state government do not have solution to smoothly implement, then they should revert to the earlier system, prepare for this one first and then re-implement.

Meanwhile making the parent’s allegation true up to an extent the political fronts of the state seem to be keen in making this a burning issue for being en-cashed. Eyeing the election year, even the former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal stated that if his government comes back to power they would scrap RUSA. However the question asked by many is that is scrapping the system after three years of implementation that easy. Or is it just another political statement, that only time would define.

Most non political students though feel that if the issue continues without any solution, then they are bound to be used by political outfits for benefits, as has been witnessed in our country on earlier occasions too.

Experts here feel, that RUSA is a good education system to practice, but only if can be implemented properly. They say that till implementation is an issue, some leniency should be used towards the students so that no political advantage can be drawn from this issue.


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