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I want to be a cell phone in life…

This morning my daughter’s school invited parents for an interactive session, where this teacher narrated a very touching story, which I thought should be shared with all. Last year the teacher told all her students to write a few words about what they want to become in life. Every child wrote the usual, like becoming a doctor, engineer, fashion designer, etc but this one little class five girl wrote that she wants to be a cell phone.

Astonished by the thought the class teacher interacted with this student who wanted to become a cell phone in life, to understand the reason behind. The reason presented by this little class 5 girl was something which even struck the teacher and the school management. The kid said that whenever she goes home and tries to spend time with her father and mother, they both are busy talking on their cell phones and usually hush her away. If they are not talking then they are struck with social media but with no time for the little angel. The parents both very successful in life, are leading doctors but they don’t have the time to spend with their little one, who in turn is desperate for their attention.

Therefore this thought crepe the little ones mind that if she grows up to become a cell phone, then she would perhaps find more time from her parents. As at that tender age she could not figure out that being a human she cannot turn into a cell phone, but just for the sake of attention and love from her parents the thought made room in the baby’s mind.

The story not only shook many of the parents in the interactive session but also made everyone once again think that is technology really helping us? Or is it pulling us away from our loved ones? Rarely would one see two people talking to each other without giving a look at their cell phones once in every five minutes, these days.

These social Medias have engaged us so much that we hardly realize the importance of the people near us, and feel very comfortable in this virtual world. But sooner than later we should realize that all of these are only information platforms and cannot replace the importance of those who are physically present around us including our loved ones.

However to despair, wherever we hear such stories or undergo any such situation, it strikes our brains but to no fruit ultimately. Just don’t intend to advise but in my own thought this need to change in our regular lives or many more kids would want to become cell phones in the future.

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