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Big parking constructions & Landslides – A co-relation?

In the second incidence big portion of the main road leading to ISBT at the turn off on the Taradevi Victory tunnel road went down last week during the rain spell. To finish constructions within specified time frame landslides next to most of the big parking’s in Shimla has become a common site. The video above showcases that this time it was definitely due to some spilt of ignorance by authorities that the road went down. In fact along with the road the police booth also came, but thankfully nobody got injured.

“The stratum of the city is very lose still geological surveys are not given much importance before thinking about such big constructions,” stated an engineer. Evaluating the video one can make out that the slide must have already started some time before. That is why the builders had covered one portion of the hill with covers. But yet no retaining wall was being planned. Rather the video clearly shows that the digging work was going on while the slide took a big move.

“Based on the geological survey the amount of excavation to be carried is evaluated. However in this case that does seems to be the case,” stated a retired PWD Engineer Subhash Verma. Even a limit is assigned to how much excavation is to be carried out per day, he added. He also informed that mostly soil test is not conducted which later results in such incidents.

Understandably the construction company wants to make the maximum profits out of any venture, but in the system there are monitoring agencies, which are to look into such anomalies. The role of these agencies seems to be dubious in this matter. Or is it that in hurriedness of finishing the projects in a time bound manner these agencies ignored some and thus facilitated the construction company.

Sources state that this works hands in glove between the construction company and the implementing agency. Such slides when occur become reason of work enlargement to the construction company. He explained that as per tendering norms, works of smaller nature are  allotted to smaller contractors or say mock ones, along with the big contract, which a big construction company or A class contractor would get. Then after a landslide occurs, authorities display the hurriedness of controlling the situation, and thus award the smaller contract (like retaining walls) to the same A class contractor. Usually when hurriedly a contract would be awarded, then terms would be eased by the government authorities, thus making the path easier for the A class contractor.

Though a case has been registered after a complaint by National highways authorities but only to raise a question, that where were they when the anomaly was being carried out. The police here registered a case under section 336IPC (endangering life or personal safety of others), but to no arrest. Meanwhile the state government is busy inaugurating other such projects and still hasn’t ordered any enquiry into this matter.


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3 comments on “Big parking constructions & Landslides – A co-relation?

  1. M P S RANA says:

    Good one tried a big dig into the landslide at parking construction site

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    1. Thanks sir…ur remarks r motivating


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