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Water striven Shimlaits hardly have any options to relinquish their water venture needs. But known to only a few about two hours drive from the summer capital is an outing place where nature has provided a unique water getaway for all. Besides the Giri river (also known as ‘Gir Ganga’), in district Sirmour, around 63 kilometres from Shimla diverting onto the Solan- Rajgarh road from NH 22 till a place called Maryog. Then driving on to a forest lane through lovely “Kachnar” and ‘Shutut’ plantation for around ten kilometres one can witness this gift of nature.

A concept designed such that after parking at the nearest village one hikes for around half an hour. The summer hike leads through the shallow Giri River as part of this route. Crossing over the river five times en-route paves way for that feeling of adventure too. Ultimately to lead into the Giri camp who are the maintainers of this natural water getaway. Whereby at the destination one is greeted by the lovely host and owner of the unique property, to just start feeling at home in a while.


The Giri around that part of its way is shallow enough to create virtual water pools in front of this camp. Signing on the necessary paper work the camp team provides all with facilities to relish the float in the waterway or sit by with feet dipped in the cool of the stream.

Kids, for whom water kingdoms are a huge attraction nowadays, can have time of their lives at this site, though without any artificial rides. With knee-high water, they can jump, bathe, try swimming or just float around in the clean surroundings, which have been deployed by nature. The ones who keep away from water can laze around in the sun on the ‘machan’ structures, artificially created in the property. Or can take a walk for fifteen minutes to a waterfall and experience water on the head after some time of basking in the sun.


Though ‘Sadhupul’ near Kandaghat is another destination nearby for water ventures but is becoming too commercial with people visiting mostly to get boozed out besides the stream. The Giri camp however simple in its outlook offers home cooked ‘Chulla’ food with the lovely people serving, as if eating at home. A serving of “local Lassi” after lunch and the heat around water definitely forces ones for an afternoon nap there. Though just to get set for a memorable evening after a lovely tea. The water gets cool breeze by the night, to even relish a fire with some music or dance before the evening sets out into a tent or a hut.

TV’s are not provided and most of the mobile networks don’t work out there, thus forces one to spend a day away from all outside inference of life only to make this one the most memorable to relish in years.


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