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Anwar Hussain (60) the heart patient from Dr Rajinder Prasad Medical College and hospital, Tanda who was offered free cardio treatment by the state government at Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital has no need for a stunt implant, This was revealed by IGMC doctors who stated that he has a small heart related ailment which can treated with medicine. They said that when the patient was brought to the state hospital he was diagnosed for Femoral artery blockade and only a valve related heart ailment. As per IGMC doctors the femoral artery blockade would be treated through a Femoro femoral bypass surgery of the lower limb but no Angioplasty is required, as was diagnosed at the Tanda Hospital earlier this month.

This matter came to light last week when Anwar Hussain’s son filed a complaint with the Tanda hospital authorities stating that his father was refused subsidized treatment by the Cardiology department justifying that they do not have the required material to conduct the procedure. So if the patient can afford the same at market price then the process can be completed otherwise not. Thereafter when the matter was brought to light by media, the patient was offered free treatment at the state hospital in Shimla, where he was not even diagnosed of any serious heart disease.


“It seems that cardiologists at Tanda medical College and Hospital are planting preventive stunts nowadays”, mocked some experts from the business. The experts further added that it was the initiative of the Hussain family that they braved to bring the matter in public domain, otherwise many cases where stunts are being implanted might just be the same as of Anwar Hussain. They also explained that a stunt should only be implanted when the blockade is more than 70%, otherwise the blockade can be removed locally too (through blood thinning medicine). However to Tanda hospital doctors these vitals don’t matter it seems. In pursuit to make hefty commissions from the companies selling such equipment, the doctors are doing away with their professional ethics.

Sources from Tanda Hospital reveal that the cardio department of the hospital has been conducting 12 to 15 procedures in a day. Whereby cases have also been witnessed wherein even private cardiologists have been invited to conduct these procedures from different places  without taking  official permission. As per Tanda medical college and hospital authorities an enquiry has been initiated into the matter but to no result like in most cases.

One can easily understand that if a patient is informed that he/she has a heart blockade and can die, would do everything possible in their capacity to get oneself treated immediately, and that is where such inhumanly doctors take advantage but only to the plight of governments who are in no control of such situations even after years of claims and announcements.


One comment on “Conducting wrong diagnosis for personal benefits

  1. Sushil says:

    Nice story..Keep it up..


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