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Political rally @ Historic Ridge

Prime Minister and Bharitya Janata Party star leader Narinder Modi rally on ridge clearly implies that norms are only for the common man. In the show of strength state BJP not only ignored the safety of the historic ridge but also has put the esteem of the prime Minister in jeopardy. While the rally was attended by lakhs on that day, but could happen only after ignoring the report which stated Ridge tanks are under a threat.

Copy of the report 


Even section 144 which had been imposed in areas of Mall road and Ridge was also put aside for this event. “The permission was notified by the government therefore as an exception section 144 was relaxed for the event,” stated Rohan Thakur, deputy Commissioner of Shimla.

“No ecological issue or threat affects these big political parties. They just want to be in power at any cost,” stated a Shimla lawyer. He remembered an occasion when couple of year back President of India came for his summer vacation to the Retreat and cancelled his plan to the Mall road, as his appearance would have attracted huge crowds and paraphernalia. Keeping public comfort in mind and abiding by the rules the first citizen of the country changed his travel plans. “But here we have a party who are so hurried to get in power that they have ignored norms of the heritage city,” he added.

“Lately no political rallies used to take place on the ridge atleast so this BJP funded rally by the Prime Minister has opened a Pindora Box. Now all parties would want to do rallies of the ridge,” stated Harish Janartha, Former deputy Mayor of Shimla. He informed that the official function of the prime Minister was only limited till the Jubbarhatti Airport. Thereafter this rally was totally political and the local government had no role to play into it, except providing support to the government of India.

Janartha said Prime Minister who claims to be a common man, had himself desired to address from the ridge. This clearly talks loud about his dual personality. Just for the sake of show of strength, he ignored the safety of the ridge.

If Sonia Gandhi can address a rally from the ridge then why not Narinder Modi, after all he is the Prime Minister of the country, questioned Suresh Bhardwaj, MLA Shimla. He said as per the state government rule Prime Minister and all under SPG protection can address a political rally from the ridge. So many dignitaries have addressed from the ridge till date along with other functions taking place like the summer festival, winter carnival etc, therefore this issue is displaying nothing more than political rivalry against our party,” he added.

He said that if any danger is there to the ridge then all public functions should be stopped here immediately based on the reports provided by the Shimla Municipal Corporation. “We as responsible party are in full support to any step taken towards building a better city, he added.

But here besides allegations and justifications by all, the common man is still wondering whether his safety is of prior importance to the ones they bring in power every five years. As even after the report about ridge being public, political organizations are just playing blame games without taking any concrete steps for solving the issue.

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