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Shinnosuke “Shinchan” Nohara a very popular cartoon character among kids of today came into its being because of a tragedy, which motivated a mother to create this historic cartoon character. The story of Shinchan a very emotional one came to knowledge through a YouTube video shared by my ten year old daughter.

A story which is assumed to be true is an example of what love can motivate one to do. Even though as parents many of us hate Shinchan cartoons, but behind this naughty jolly kid character there is a shocking, real life story of a Japanese family which I believe had never been explained on any TV channel.

This is the story of Misae, who was the mother these two kids “ Shinchan” and “Himawari”. Along with they owned this lovely pet known as “Shiro”. One day Shinchan and Himawari went to the market with their family for routine shopping. Suddenly Shinchan realized that his younger sister Himwari was crossing a busy road, without any assistance. The little boy ran to safeguard his sister, but unfortunately they both met an accident with a raging vehicle.


Thereafter the mother Misea went into a depression of losing her kids in this unfortunate incidence. While remembering the little ones this mother started depicting the lives of her kids on a scrap book with a crayon. She started imagining how her son and daughter would look or do things if they would have been alive.

The story inspired Yoshito Usai (the illustrator of the serial) so much that he decided to create a cartoon character called “ Crayon Shinchan” (the original name of this serial).  All the notorious, lighthearted moments that we and our kids spent while watching Shinchan on TV were actually the creations of Shinchan’s mother. Somehow the makers of this serial did wanted to sadden the cartoon so they never featured the last episode of the serial. This episode featured the accident of the little ones.

Had anyone ever imagined that the cartoon character which made our moments light enough to laugh and giggle with our kids on a holiday actually took birth out of a tragedy which a mother went through by losing her little kids? Hats off to the mother for the inspiration she drew from the tragic incidence to make many more mothers like her laugh with their kids.

Long live Shinchan the cartoon and a special applaud to the mother for making her kids alive in the laughs of many more across the world.

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