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Mushroom got a big boost in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh due to the current state government. In 2012 when the current congress government came to power, it was only thereafter that Mushroom production was also taken into account as agriculture produce. This was stated by Mushroom grower association of India while refuting the recent tweet by the Prime Minister Narinder Modi which stated that Mushroom got a big boost during the BJP tenure lead by Prem Kumar Dhumal.

The Prime minister has recently tweeted that when “When Dhumal ji was HP CM extensive work was done on mushroom in the state”. The Mushroom growers taking a strong objection stated that when Dhumal was the chief minister, they had represented number of times to declare Mushroom as a agriculture produce. They said that they had even represented their case with the then health minister Rajeev Bindal and Horticulture minister Narinder Bargta, but to no fruit. However when Congress came into power in 2012, thereafter in its first budget Mushroom was declared as an agriculture produce.


They said that the prime minister in the spree of gaining marks for his party due the upcoming Vidhan Sabha polls has totally distorted the fact. They said that it was because of the efforts put in by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh that Solan also got its title as the ‘ Mushroom city of India’.

Solan is known as the “Mushroom city of India” because of the vast mushroom farming in the area as well as the Directorate of Mushroom Research (DMR) situated at Chambaghat. Solan is also crowned as the “City of Red Gold”, in reference to the bulk production of tomatoes in the area.

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