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In the current scenario of our country political statements are just a matter of handiness. Though there are many examples to it but the most recent one refers to the six-time Himachal Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh.

In 2012 while resigning from UPA II Singh the then union minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) stated to a top TV channel “In the last 50 years, I have handled many portfolios like tourism and Steel and during my tenure nobody has questioned my integrity or that of my family,” he said. Singh said his resignation should not be seen as an admission of guilt as he was going to fight the case to the logical end.

In another statement to a media he said “No one asked me to quit. This is my moral duty as I did not want to embarrass my party, PM or government”.

Though now the scenario has changed. Even after being charge sheeted in the dis-appropriate assets case and moving in an anticipatory bail application at the Patiala court in Delhi recently the chief minister refuses to resign. He says that the case has been politically grafted against him and his family, on the behest of a few BJP leaders.

“Yet then he got acquitted from the 23-year-old case registered in the Himachal Court. Here in this one his close accomplice Anand Chauhan has been behind bars since about a year now in the same case where the CM and others have been charge sheet and have applied for bail”, stated a lawyer.

He added, that somehow then, Singh sought to turn that into a political battle against the ruling BJP ahead of the 2012 Assembly elections in the state. “And now with another assembly election on the cards the Chief Minister chooses to do a totally reverse action and to perhaps just regain power. Though the impact of this action by Singh can be assessed only after a few months i.e post Vidhan Sabha polls by this year-end”, he concluded.

But such actions by seasoned politicians like Virbhadra Singh would not leave an ethical message to follow which was stated by former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar. He said that Virbhadra always claimed that he believed in value-based politics and was an advocate for clean political life. He should have left the office on the same day when his houses were raided by the CBI at Shimla.


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