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Vikdramaditya Singh claims to have Congress Mayor in SMC, says many BJP councilors in touch with party

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) which on Saturday celebrated their victory in the Shimla MC elections with 17 seats, seems to be still insecure of whether they would be able to prove majority in the house or not. The same became evident when on the same evening all the victorious councilors of the party were taken to Chandigarh at some secret place.

The reason stated by party sources is that the Congress party is trying to sway away few of their supported councilors, therefore the BJP thought it to be more convenient if all of them can be kept at one place and under vigil of the party. In the current situation it seems that even if BJP has won 17 seats out of the 34 but yet Congress is leaving no table unturned to garner majority. Congress has won 12 seats and with support of the 3 independent winners and CPI (M) by their side the party is just short of 2 seats to claim majority. The magic number here is 18, which BJP claims to achieve with support of one independent candidate who was originally a BJP rebel when he contested the SMC polls.

Supporters of both parties state that since the election was held without party symbols, there could be a possibility of candidates swaying sides for a better deal. Some even stated that the Saffron party does not believe on its own candidates therefore they have kept them under vigil.Though whatever the reasons behind but all these councilors are expected to reach back to the summer capital only before the oath taking ceremony on Monday morning.

Meanwhile oozing confidence, the Congress party leader and Chief Minister’s son Vikdramaditya Singh has commented on his face book page that “Though people of Shimla have given a fractured verdict yet the Congress is sure to have its Mayor onboard on Monday”. He claimed that many of the BJP councilors were in their touch and soon tables would turn around.

However Congress is claiming to be in touch with BJP candidates and the BJP is trying to safeguard its councilors the result of their efforts can yet be visible only on Monday morning now. Though one thing is evident, that with this virtually 50:50 verdict for both the parties in the SMC, progression any further would become a distant dream for the Shimla citizens.

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