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Twenty women councillors making it to the Shimla MC because of 50% reservation for the ladies has raised high hopes among the homemakers (women) of the city. Since inception of the Shimla Municipal Corporation in 1851, it is the first time that the house would be represented by more women than men. Out of the 34 councillors of the city, 20 are women from all political outfits.

Ladies in the city believe that when women can create a home out of a house, surely when she gets to govern the MC and that too in higher numbers than men, are bound to do better. “The water and cleanliness situation of the city is set to improve now,” stated Madhu a house wife from Shimla city. Assuming that when a woman can make her own house clean and livable to perfection then why she wouldn’t take care of the city’s thrust and cleanliness. “In fact priorities of the SMC are bound to change now with 20 women sitting,” she added.

Summerhill ward councillor Shally Sharma stated that once a person is elected to the house, then the thought should be beyond party lines. A councillor has to work for the holistic progress of his/her ward. “Though the SMC is new yet, but in days to come, after knowing each other more, all women councillors should come in together for the progress of the city as it would be the first time that women represent in a larger number”. Reiterating that if, the water pipe leakage can be stopped, and then the water issue of the city could be solved considerably.

“Surely a women has a more keen eye for needs and requirements of a household than men,” stated Lata a working women who also is the house lady.”A women’s understanding level would be higher about what her fellow gender would expect from a governing body to run a smooth household,” she added. She said that women are more compassionate and have a softer heart compared to men. “We expect and hope that the 20 women councillors would rise up above their party lines and will work together to make Shimla a better place to live in the future.

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