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‘Gudia’ Rape and murder case- Time to rethink about proper implementation of education policies…..

The brutal murder and rape incidence with the 10th class girl in Kotkhai has also blown away the claim of the state government that girls would not have to walk a very long distance from their houses to get education in the state. In this particular case the unlucky girl had to walk or manage transport for nine kilometres everyday to reach the school.

As per a report 30% of the government schools going children in Himachal Pradesh have to walk more than four kilometres to reach school every day. Though the Right to Education Policy 2011, in its Part III ‘Duties of state government and local authority states ‘For children from small villages, as identified by the State Government or local authority, where no school exists within the area or limits of neighbourhood specified under sub-rule (1), the State Government or local authority may consider making provision of free bus passes or payment of distance allowance at such rates as it may fix from time to time. Further it states that in areas with dispersed population, the State Government, instead of opening a School, may establish a hostel in some suitable school where, students of such areas may be admitted. Had this been practised in words as well in action ‘Gudia’ would have been with us today?

This brutal incidence once again reiterated on that how important is it to open schools in a planned manner. The various state governments usually are seen boasting about increasing the number of schools across the state. Though the figure increase might seem impressive on paper, but how good is it if the girl had to walk for nine kilometres everyday to get education. This brings in the question are these new institutions planned in a manner where they can support the lesser walking claims of the government. No seems to be answer obviously, as has been evident in the ‘Gudia’ case.

Sources state that no scientific evaluation is done while opening such institution across the state.  In fact usually school are opened either on request of the Panchayat Samitis or on the whim and fancies of the ruling government.

Such incidences not only remind about how brutal mankind has become, towards each other but also create basis to understand that the current system is very obsolete and policies needs to be implemented rigidly. Not only that opening educational institutions at village level is important but also locating them in a way so that who all come to study their travel a minimal distance. Such step would also act like a precaution against these brutal crimes being witnessed nowadays.

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