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Kotkhai rape and Murder – Emotions being taken over by political interest …

In the Kotkhai rape and murder case where on one side the state government is under tremendous pressure due to the mismanaged investigation of the state police and rising public unrest. Evidently on the other side even opposition BJP is not playing a responsible role in this matter.

“Where the call from the senior BJP leaders should have been to ensure that CBI is on ground conducting the investigation by now,” stated Tikender Panwar, former deputy Mayor of Shimla and a social activist.  “Rather the opposition party is only fuelling into the unrest further by displaying helplessness thus only to ensure some credits before the oncoming assembly polls later this year,” he added. He said that the BJP is the party in majority at the centre with a power Prime Minister today. If they really intend to resolve this matter in a peaceful way, then their senior leaders should ensure that the CBI team starts an investigation earliest possible.

The natives feel that the investigation done by the state police is all ‘botched up’ to cover up on some influential, so there should be a CBI probe. The state government wrote to CBI on July 15th to take the probe further. Thereafter on an application by state government even the high court of the state ordered the CBI to form a SIT to investigate into the matter on July 19th.

“But to vain the CBI is still out of the scene. With no information that when would they start investigating. And on the other hand the protests are getting aggressive by every passing day, as lot of public sentiment in there in this case, thus benefiting these political outfits,” he added. Even the BJP senior leaders have not come forward yet to appeal to the public that peace should be maintained rued Tikender, who urged the public to conduct peaceful protests and not harm life or property.

Further the joint action committee (JAC) comprising of 26 gram Panchayat of Kotkhai and Dehra tehsil of Chopal (area where the girl belonged to) stated that they are withdrawing from the violent protest. Convener, JAC, Balak Ram Chauhan stated that “We are pained to see that how certain politicians tried to exploit public sentiments in connection with the peaceful protest at Gumma on Tuesday.” Therefore they would continue to support the grieved family but would not participate in the violent protest as politicians and local anti social elements are taking advantage of the public unrest, the committee added.

Chauhan even cautioned the public not to fall into the hands of those with vested interest as they would otherwise dilute the motive into their favour and the real cause of getting justice to this daughter of the soil would be left behind.


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